3 Ways Design Impacts Your E-Commerce Site

Let’s face it– the future of retail and business is e-commerce. There is no running away from this fact. There are several reasons why e-commerce is slowly becoming the preferred method of shopping. Convenience and price being the most important factors.

As this growth continues, it becomes very important for e-commerce operators to focus on one critical aspect of their business – web design. A well-designed e-commerce website is as good as brick and mortar shop.
Here’s why.

1)  Makes an Impression

Just as well-designed stores draw in customers, well-designed sites draw in traffic. In fact, the design is far more important when it comes to e-commerce sites. Everything from its appearance to navigation must be optimized to offer the best customer experience possible. When customers visit a well-designed e-commerce site, the chances of them coming back are very high. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t
walk into a store that simply dumps products on the floor, right? That’s why the way you arrange content, links and buttons on your site matters a lot.

2)  Memorable

A well-designed e-commerce site is also one that is memorable. Most options out there are so mundane or generic that customers rarely retain them in their memories. They visit, make a purchase, and leave, never to return again. When you design your site, it must stand out and capture the visitor’s attention to the point that it automatically becomes etched in their brains. For instance, a professionally designed site will communicate its purpose right away, making it easier for the visitor to know what he/she is likely to find here. This typically includes offering proper product descriptions, high-quality images, and relevant design themes etc.

3)  Increases Engagement

Good design also boosts engagement. It allows customers to understand how the site operates and functions. Good design prevents the customer from wasting his/her time trying to figure out how everything works. A well-designed e-commerce site must boast of a high level of user-friendliness.

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