Web Design Trends for 2017

Every year, there’s always something new to look forward to in the world of web design. So what can

we expect for 2017? Well, keep reading to find out.


Traditional Design is Out

The traditional approach to design is dying a slow death and 2017 will probably be its last year. Experts

such as Eric Meyer reaffirm this fact. In fact, the man now refers to himself as an “experience designer”.

So, yes, web designing is going to be all about experiences. Traditional design was all about making the

technology look appealing. However, things have evolved to become something very different.

Aesthetics will now take a backseat, while, the customer’s ease of use will become far more important.

Businesses today want consistency in their traffic and a good experience is what matters in this scenario.


More Conversation

In line with the previous trend, we will also see user interfaces becoming more conversation oriented. In

fact, former Google Exec, Chris Messina made the same prediction last year. He spoke of how visitors

will interact with businesses via tools chat and messaging tools, which will be incorporated into the

design of a website. This trend will continue to grow in 2017. Messaging platforms such as WeChat,

Facebook Messenger and Slack are already winning the race against social media platforms. This is

pushing companies to focus on leveraging the transition.


Bold Fonts

Designers are beginning to see the impact that content has on traffic. As a result, they have begun

focusing on making content as attractive and readable as possible. This is slowly leading to a preference

for large and bold fonts. Large and bold doesn’t mean that the font itself is going to be large by nature.

The objective is to allocate more space to textual content. We will start seeing websites using text more

than ever to highlight their brand or product.

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